Saturday, August 7, 2010

3rd August 2010

Everyone here is very eager to leave for the tour. We have all left our packing for the last minute and are hurrying to finish it all before we leave. Tomorrow we wake up at an early 3 a.m. and leave at 5 for our flight. We will reach Chennai and take a subsequent flight for Colombo. All of the students are anticipating the trip with bated breath. During the past few days, we have gone over the schedule for the trip many times. We have also decided all of the groupings for the hotels. Everyone has discussed their plans for airport shopping. Hopefully, we will have enough time. Until next time!


  1. From what i read and see in the pics looks like the children have not spared a moment to enjoy themselves. Its very nice to see young children invloved in service and I should compliment CIRS for making it possible.
    The narration was very detailed and the pictures very sharp.
    Wish we could have more pictures to view.

  2. this was an amazing experience
    we enjoyed every moment of it : the incessant mosquito bites, the sinhala speaking natives, the splendid rangutans, the fake cricket etc.