Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today, we headed off to the village again at eight o’ clock in the morning for another session with the locals. At 9, the CBSE students went to see a temple, while the IB students stayed back to work with the villagers. The IB people managed to finish shifting the clay before the CBSE students returned at 12. Afterwards, we were able to finish building the platform and cement the pathway around the pavilion. Then, we had an interaction session with the people there. It began with a Bengali dance and a Dandia one afterwards. Then we had a collective interview with the people. The monks specially spoke to us using a person to translate. They burst into tears when they saw us leaving. After we came back to the hotel with our hearts full of the service we had performed, we rested up for a long time. Some of us decided to go for a walk, while some slept instead. Finally, we decided to sleep for the next day.


  1. Hi.
    The photos and the commentaries are great! It looks like all of you are having good fun and rendering service to the people of Srilanka at the same time. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello. Thanks for uploading the pictures & activities on the blog.Enjoy.